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Influencer Marketing is complicated? Not for us! We’ve been here since the beginning. Gained experiences. Overcome obstacles. Learnt a lot. 

Our vision is to work more personally. Find the perfect influencer with the appropriate target audience. Plan campaigns that add value where you need it. Always keeping the customer in mind. 

Only what draws attention, will be remembered.


What makes us special

Industry Insights

Based on our longstanding experience in blogger relations and experience in the entrepeneurial space, we can guarantee a 360° marketing consultation with the knowledge of which campaigns appeal to the customer and draw interest. Thanks to this know-how, our concepts are always up-to-date and perfectly aligned with the needs of our clients.



Communication is key

We are aware of the potential challenges that can arise surrounding the client’s requirements and the individual conditions of each influencer. We support that communication and ensure there is an understanding of conditions on both sides. For us, this is the fundamental condition of a successful campaign for all parties involved.

Ehrliche Beratung

Honesty and responsibility are two values we hold true on a daily basis and we only begin a consultation when we feel that there is a mutual trust between all parties involved. We manage campaigns 100% of the way and will do everything to achieve the best possible results for our customers. We will not recommend anything, if we are not convinced of its success.

our services

Campaign Planning

We create campaigns that are fun for Influencers and captivating for consumers. From structured planning and organization to result analysis, we completely support with our experience and expertise.


Strategy Development

To achieve a sustainable brand positioning, we optimize the interaction between all marketing channels through strategic alignment. Taking short-term, flexible measures into consideration, we strongly focus on a long-lasting orientation.

Influencer Management

Do what you do best! From answering your emails, selecting influencers to fit your campaigns, contract-writing and budget negotiations. We will take control of everything in the background, so that you will be able to focus on your content.

Content Creation

Time is money – especially in this volatile industry. We help you to create content faster by supporting in picture taking and editing as well as video cutting.

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Daniel Salamon
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