Chris Curtis

As a personal trainer and fitness and health expert, Chris knows how to stay fit and achieve his goals. For years, he has been sharing his knowledge, building a very interactive community that likes to be motivated. On top of his career in fitness, he has always had a passion for trends, fashion and lifestyle, working for various high class fashion brands.
On his Instagram channel he combines his numerous interests creating a unique mix of topics that have inspired and build a broad range of followers.

Chris Curtis Hamburg G Klasse
Chris Curtis 6'2"
Janis Danner

Janis Danner

Spending most of his youth focusing on his professional soccer career, Janis developed a strong ambition and the ability to focus on his goals.
After he decided to end his soccer career and move on to new fields, he started modeling, working for various big clients all over the world. As he realized that a lot of people were interested in his life, he put a larger focus on his Instagram account.

With the expertise he gathered as a professional athlete and model, he takes his followers on a journey of high quality content, mixed with beautiful scenery and fitness tips/workouts, creating an active community that is inspired by his content. His Followers value the advice he shares and that he is up for anything, without taking himself too seriously.

Kevin Pabel

For years, Kevin has been working as an internationally successful professional model. Focusing on his personal fitness is an important part of his daily routine, along with health and recovery advice he shares with the world. With a strong experience in fashion & lifestyle content, Kevin spreads his message to an interactive target group with high purchasing power across his social media platforms.

Kevin Pabel Model Hamburg
Kevin Pabel
Torben König Hamburg Shirt Model
Torben König

Torben König

Growing up as a small-town boy, Torben started focusing on his career early on in his life. Modelling through out his childhood and youth, as well as starting a career in sports, he knew how to motivate himself. After multiple injuries forced him to step back from his path as a professional athlete, Torben developed his career as a professional international model, which always keeps him up to date with the latest styles and trend topics.
However, Torben has always had two passions in life. As a personal trainer and nutrition expert, he has gathered a lot of knowledge that he now shares on his social media channels. On his accounts, he focusses on giving 360° life and fitness advice, because Torben knows that a healthy lifestyle consists of body, mind and soul.