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Why Influencing101?

Our Vision

Influencer Marketing is complicated? Not for us! We’ve been here since the beginning. Gained experiences. Overcome obstacles. Learnt a lot. Our vision is to work more personally. Find the perfect influencer with the appropriate target audience. Plan campaigns that add value where you need it. Always keeping the customer in mind. Only what draws attention, will be remembered.


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What makes us special

Industry Insights

By our experiences on both sides, working with influencer and companies, we are able to offer a 360° marketing consulting and we know, which campaigns speak to customers. Due to this knowhow our concepts are always up-to-date and perfectly fit the needs.


We draw on broad experiences in Online Marketing and a strong network of Influencer to serve your requests when it comes to Blogger Relations and Influencer Marketing.

Communication is key

We are aware of the potential challenges that can arise surrounding the client’s requirements and the individual conditions of each influencer. We support that communication and ensure there is an understanding of conditions on both sides. For us, this is the fundamental condition of a successful campaign for all parties involved.

Individual Strategies

Be yourself! This is not only meant for influencer, but also for companies. We optimize the strategic interaction of all marketing channels for a sustainable development of the brand id and we can resort to the knowlegde of more than 100 campaigns that we realized.


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